I have always felt that wolves get a negative deal in fiction, "The big bad wolf" is ingrained in our culture.  stories such as Little red riding hood and modern folk mythology included.

We have come to the conclusion that wolves are not what they have been portrayed as and we are living with wolves to prove it.

We started our wolf programme in 2009 when we welcomed Kody into our lives.  Kody is a Timber wolf hybrid crossed with a Northern Inuit.















In 2014 Lupa a female European wolf arrived from a private zoo in need of a home, our enclosure was ready and waiting upon her arrival.  We decided Kody would be excellent company for her,  even though Lupa is a pure wolf.

They became good friends, we couldn't have been more pleased that they had adapted to each other so well.  Kody was the alpha in the relationship.











After several years of searching for a companion male wolf we finally found one.  In 2018, Ragnar arrived and what a difference he was in his temperament and behaviour. He was 8 months old and had no human interaction unlike Lupa who had been hand raised.  

Ragnar has been an experience that's all I can say ,he opened our eyes to wolf behaviour .  Lupa and Ragnar were best of friends, a little rivalry between Kody and Lupa which eventually caused us to remove Kody from the pack.  



Kody has been an amazing ambassador wolf dog for The Little Zoo.

Certainly no threat as wolves are portrayed.  Kody will always have a special place in our hearts and we adore every precious moment we have with her.  

We raised Kody with a Labrador puppy called Kela, they were both the best of friends growing up.


in 2019 they became parents!!