At the beginning of 2019 the pack produced their firs litter of cubs, the mother Lupa was struggling to care for them all so we made the difficult decision to remove all but one of the 4 cubs from the pack and hand rear them.  

The first few days were concerning, once all the cubs had started to take the bottle it was the next few weeks of round the clock feeding and sleepless nights  and as the cubs grew, weening them onto solid food and taking the role of a parent. 

By product of this process was the formation of an amazing and heart warming bond between the cubs and us.  

They Grew and ...... Grew

The bond presented a great opportunity for The Little Zoo to start educating the public about wolves, their ecology and behaviours and provide first hand experience of these wonderful animals which are by most people held in equal measure of fear and fascination.

Through our enthusiasm and passion the widely held myths about wolves are dispelled and everyone who leaves The Little Zoo does so with full appreciation of not only the  loving family bonds that exist within a wolf pack but also their need for protection and that of their habitats. 

                                               The new addition Tarik a wolf hybrid cub

Lupa, Ragnar & Baby Bjorn

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