The Little Zoo

The Little Zoo is a small exotic animal charity based in Wiltshire which was founded in 2010 by Gary Emery.

Gary and his wife Nicky manage the day to day care all of the animals. They share their home and lives with these wonderful animals. They both have over 30 years of experience in keeping animals.


The Little Zoo has for many years provided a sanctuary for exotic pets; many unwanted, or had proved too hard to look after for their original owners.  In more recent years the Little Zoo has invested a huge amount of time and effort into providing a safe and humane facility for their pack or Eurasian wolves. Whilst their numbers in the wild have started to increase in recent decades, Eurasion Wolves are still considered endangered in most European countries

Apart from the wolves we have approximately 100 animals we care for, ranging from Snakes, Tarantulas, Raccoons, Meerkats, Ocelots, Servals and many more.....

We also rescue native animals from time to time which we try to rehabilitate back to their natural environments. However, this is not always possible. 

All of our animal keepers are very experienced and having a good vet who specialises in exotic animals on hand is always an added bonus. But, if you feel you can help us by volunteering, donating money or in kind support, please contact us - every little helps!