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  Help The Little Zoo Raise Money for the Asian Short Clawed Otter Enclosure!






















The Little Zoo is currently constructing an enclosure for 3 Otters that were rescued recently.  These lovely little creatures will stay with us if we can create them a suitable enclosure.


All the Otters receive high-quality care throughout their stay. They are very smart-curious animals in need of a large amount of room to explore, climb, run, swim and have enrichment! Our enclosures will consist of den boxes for otters to hide and sleep in, swimming areas—otters LOVE to play and explore in water! They will also contain lots of enrichment items to keep their curious minds content.  



Please help The Little Zoo by making a donation towards our Otter enclosure! OR, materials, it all helps!!





Thank you for your support!



Donations can be made via paypal or contact us for further ways of donating


Materials are always greatly appreciated.  List of materials will follow shortly for enclosure.






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