A Registered Charity In England & Wales No. 1143494

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The Little Zoo is a small exotic animal charity based in Wiltshire which provides home and care to exotic animals.

We take in all different species of animals and currently house over 100 exotic animals

In order for us to survive, we rely on your help through donations and memberships. We now offer animals events and displays to bring in much needed money to support The Little Zoo.

Most of the rescue animals we care for can no longer be looked after by their owners for a number of reasons and we do our best to rehome them to experienced homes. We also rescue native animals from time to time which we try to rehabilate back to their natural environments. However, this is not always possible which is why we need your help!


All of our animal keepers are very experienced and having a good vet who specialises in exotic animals on hand is always an added bonus. But, if you feel you can help us by volunteering or donating in cash or in kind support, please contact us - every little helps!

We also offer animal encounters for a great animal experience for everyone!

Exotic Animal Encounters, Educational Talks and Displays and Hawk Walks.




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